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15 Tips To Maximize Performance On Exam Day

So, exam day is looming and you’re about to reach the moments that matter. By now, you’ve studies all you can and the impending big day is upon you. However, even though you’ve studied, revised, planned and compiled, the most important part of the whole process is set to be done.

Simply, there is always a chance that the amount of study won’t be reflected in the result. So, here’s how to ensure that doesn’t happen and maximize your performance for exam day.


The most important thing to do is to wake up early, so you can be sure that you get a good quality breakfast on board before hand and don’t leave the house in a rush. Make sure the food you eat is healthy and in no way risky – it’s not a good idea to have a risky meal.


Check the venue, time and date of the exam again and make sure you know for sure where it is. Use your map app or Google Maps to locate it and receive directions.

All you Need

Check that you have everything that you require, including ID, stationery, notes, maps and anything else you can think of. If it’s a practical exam or a written exam, make sure you have all that’s necessary.


You want to be good and early for the exam – remember that anything can happen and you never want to be late. So, ensure you’re as early as can be, after all you can study when you get there.

Avoid Worriers

Every exam has its worriers; these people panic and put you in a negative frame of mind beforehand. Avoid these people like the plague.


Go to the toilet a few minutes before the exam starts. Exams are long and bladders often are not there to endure the stint.


Remember to write your name or student number on the top of the exam. The number of people who forget is notably high.


Make sure you read all the questions before you begin the exam and then allocate some time for each and every question.


Answer the questions you feel confident about first and then come back to the ones you feel less comfortable with. Starting strong is a good way to calm nerves and help you through the exam.


Only stay on a question for as long as you have planned and never any longer. You may have more time towards the end to come back to it. Leave questions you are unsure about until near the end.


If you have a query or a question, then say it to the course examiner. They may be able to help.

The Freeze

If you freeze, the last thing you want to do is panic, so just begin writing anything you can think of and it should all come rolling back.


Remember to use all the time allotted to you. If you finish, then go over each and every question and see how you can improve it.

Stay Calm

There’s nothing to fear, so just stay calm.

Whether it’s the final university exam, a NEBOSH training course Glasgow exam or even your driving test, these tips should help you through.

Derek Devlin has written for a variety of websites and is a careers advisor and has also undergone dozens of exams himself. He understands the need for tips and advice.


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Resume Help, Resume Advice. Learn
and avoid these biggest resume mistakes
Resume Help, Resume Advice. Learn
and avoid these biggest resume mistakes