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A Guide to Resume Building to Get A Social Media Position

A Guide to Resume Building to Get A Social Media PositionSocial media marketing is becoming the new craze in medium-sized and large organizations alike. If you are seeking a position in social media, you must build a customized resume that will capture the attention of HR professionals and managers. While you will need to follow the standard format of a resume to ensure that your final product looks professional, you should always take time to tailor your content and fortunately there are many online resources available to help you..

After all, if you have experience with social media marketing, you know that the content is key. So, here is A Guide to Resume Building to Get A Social Media Position:

1. Make Sure the Objective Identifies Your Real Strengths

You might think that you are a web savvy job hunter, but there are plenty of different specialties that you can possess. In your summary or objective, you should take time to describe what you are most familiar with. Your strengths and your abilities might include video content optimization, social rankings, managing the social community, or creating social media content. If you customize this section and focus on your skills, you are much more likely to be taken seriously.

2. Put Measurable Results in Work History

If you have experience in social media, work history is the part of the resume you will use to get the job you are looking for. It is easy to say you drove traffic to your prior employers website, but you need to make sure you have measurable figures in the resume if you want to back up your statements. State how much more traffic in a period of time you drove to the website. When you are working in the field of marketing, no matter if it is social media or traditional marketing, the numbers count. By showing these figures, you can show that you have the marketing mindset that employers are looking for.

3. Have a Social Media Hub

One thing that is very unique to candidates applying for social media positions is how these candidates can be found. Sure, you build a resume and submit it, but employers who want real gurus are looking for applicants who already have a presence online. Make sure you have your own blog, your own social media profiles, and that you can be found easily from any search engine. Put your social media profile or your site address on your resume and let this act as your portfolio. Employers who are taking you seriously are going to see if you have an active presence on platforms and actively post to your blogs.

You are going to need to show that you have experience with social media if you want to land your dream job. While your resume is not going to get you hired, it will showcase your experience and get your foot in the door. Once you get in front of hiring managers, you need to be confident and use your interviewing skills to do the rest. Customize your resume, create a cover page, and get the dream job you have wanted for years so that you enjoy doing what you do to make a living.

4. Job seekers know that they should be on social media but they miss out on 90% of the potential

Did you know that employers are 500% more likely to fill a position with someone in their network? Others are missing out on making the most of their network creating an opportunity for you, the web savvy job hunter (linked)!



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  1. grayhoffman Says:

    Thanks a lot! This is a great overview. Used Grovo’s ( tools and have found them very helpful!

    Others should try it too

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Resume Help, Resume Advice. Learn
and avoid these biggest resume mistakes
Resume Help, Resume Advice. Learn
and avoid these biggest resume mistakes