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Not Just Another Resume; How-To Pursue Your Dream Job

Not Just Another Resume; How-To Pursue Your Dream Job

Pursuing your dream job these days requires more than just documenting your skills and experience. Getting your resume in front of the right hiring manager depends on a few other actions. Take the advice of seasoned experts, including the author of What Color Is Your Parachute, and apply some old-fashioned strategies as well as some new social media techniques to promote yourself, your education and your aspirations.

Start by conducting some basic research about your potential employers and make sure you have the required skills and experience for the jobs listed before you apply. Here are a few subsequent tips to help you land that job.

Write an Interesting Cover Letter.

Writing a great cover letter to send out with your resume will make the first impression necessary to get noticed. So, how do you write a letter that gets someone’s attention?

Create a one-page summary of your skills, abilities and interests; but be sure to make your cover letters specific to each employer. Match your skills with the needs of the employer.

Use the STAR format to describe a compelling Situation, Task, Actions and Results. Start by giving a solid example of one of your recent successes. List the tasks you completed and give details about the actions you took to make it happen. Describe and analyze the results of your work.

When potential employers know that you have the ability to execute effectively, they may be more compelled to solicit a phone call. Making yourself look good on paper is really a matter of describing how you can take charge and create positive outcomes, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Complement Your Resume.

Even when your resume is perfect, you may not get many calls. Before you despair, investigate some innovative ways of differentiating yourself from the competition using social media.

Some possibilities include setting up an online website or blog to advertise your skills. For example, using the MyOnlineCareerSpace website can showcase your resume, references and even an uploaded video and audio for free.

You can use free blogging tools, such as WordPress, to create a unique presentation of your skills and knowledge. You can show a prospective employee your knowledge about the industry by being an authoritative figure on information surrounding the topic. A blog is also an opportunity to display your portfolio to the public.

Additionally, set up a profile on LinkedIn and connect with other business professionals in your field. It’s often not what you know, but whom you know. Use the search feature to look up companies and learn more about the people who work there. And, take advantage of job search engines, including IndeedSimplyHired and Monster, to search for jobs near you.

Follow Up With a Thank You Note.

As the world becomes increasingly disconnected from personal attention, you can really stand out by following up with short, hand-written thank you note.
Simply say thank you for the opportunity to discuss the job, reiterate your strengths and offer to supply additional information or references.

Many other applicants won’t take the time and effort. A well-written thank you note provides a way to distinguish yourself in a competitive job market. Hand-deliver it if you can, otherwise send it through the mail.

Put your education to good use. Locating the right employer requires work ethic and dedication. If you apply hard work and innovation to your job search you’ll be headed in the right direction.



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Resume Help, Resume Advice. Learn
and avoid these biggest resume mistakes
Resume Help, Resume Advice. Learn
and avoid these biggest resume mistakes