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The First Step to a Job You Love

The First Step to a Job You Love

Looking for a job? Great. Don’t know what kind of job you want?  Not so great.

One of the biggest mistakes made by job seekers is a lack of focus. You can’t expect to land your dream job if you are not sure what your dream job is, right? I know, it sounds simple, but often, job seekers come to me distraught with a lack of progress.

Here are some common job seeker complaints:

“I sent my resume to 100 companies and I haven’t heard back from anyone.”

“I’ve interviewed at five companies in the last week and nothing seemed to stick.”

“I’m looking at all the job sites but I’m not finding anything I’m interested in. Help!”

If you find yourself saying or thinking any of the above while on your job search, you are not alone. So many people on the job market start out confused – they don’t know what they want, they lack clear goals, and they aren’t sure where they belong.

Unfortunately, you’ve got to know where you want to go before you can get there. Likewise, you will be hard-pressed to convince someone to hire you if you don’t believe you belong with his or her organization in the first place.

What is the solution? Narrowing your focus.

Narrowing your focus may be easier said than done. However, getting clear on what kind of job you want, what industry you want to work in and where you want to end up in five years from now is essential to landing a job you will love.

So, how should you narrow your focus? Research, research, research (and a little soul-searching helps a lot, too). Before you can decide where and in what capacity you want to work, you have to get familiar with all the different opportunities out there.

Do you love managing people and interacting with the public but dislike working in a corporate environment? You might love managing a hotel or a restaurant. Do you have a passion for the arts but don’t consider yourself a creative artist? You may love working in a marketing capacity for a museum or an independent radio station.

The possibilities are endless. Literally. Figure out what they are, and then narrow your focus in your job search based on your aptitude, interest, goals, desires, and dreams.

Things generally are a lot easier to find once you know what you are looking for. Same applies to careers. Sure you might stumble upon a job you love. But if you did your homework first and prepared for your job search, it is pretty clear you would have wound up at the same job with much less stress involved.

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You only look for a job a few times in your life. Compared with the amount of time you spend actually doing it, investing time and energy in an effective job search repays the effort many times over. Studies show that people who understand and do well at the job search process enjoy substantially more job satisfaction and higher earnings over the course of their careers.

Those who put extra effort into the job search can bring not just a more satisfying life but extra salary.

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Resume Help, Resume Advice. Learn
and avoid these biggest resume mistakes
Resume Help, Resume Advice. Learn
and avoid these biggest resume mistakes